About Coba Peat Lanka (Pvt) Ltd

We are in the industry since 1993 and at present our factory supposed to be the second largest coir peat factory in Sri Lanka with fully equipped laboratory and sophisticated macheniary for any variety of coco peat products such as bales, briquettes and grow bags in different sizes. The machines are fabricated in such a manner both bales and grow bags could be manufactured within a very short time by adjusting only the moulds of the machines accordingly.

We are also equipped with Weigh Bridge, folk lifts to provide efficient service to customers. Our factory consists of drying bay, loading bay, stores and a specious office, etc.

The machinery which we posses in our factory designed and manufactured by a company who manufacture machinery to Coco Veeta Company. We are in possession of a machine which is the only modern latest machine available in Sri Lanka. There is none other machine equivalent is available in any other factory in Sri Lanka.

Also our company possesses an advantage of having our own coir dust heaps and fibre mill which are RHP and HP standards.

We have the capacity of 10 x 40’ FCL per month of Grow Bags, one container each of Coba Garden mat, Coba living dolls and coba fibre pots.

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