Coba Peat Lanka established in 1993 is one of the largest Coco Peat factories in Sri Lanka. Coba uses state of the art machinery to blend pioneering spirit, expertise and research-based innovation with nature’s versatile Sri Lanka coconut, to develop, produce & export a unique compressive range of soil & bark free, coconut coir based value added products of ultra-light weight with no composting process.

The factory is a completely self sufficient operation, having its own Engineering Department, a complete Store of Machinery Parts and Electronic Equipment and also equipped with fully Sophisticated Laboratory with qualified Chartered Chemists and Quality Control Management.

Its vast premises house Storage outlets for raw material and processed material. It has its own Loading Bay and Fleet of vehicles and trade specific machinery that are one of a kind. The technical staffs are full trained in the entire production process.

We have gained significant market recognition & acceptance for Coba Peat Lanka products from Australia, Japan, UK, USA & France among others. Our distinctive quality standards and best practices meet global standards.


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Why Coba Peat ?


Fair Pricing Structure

Assurance of Supply


Ethically Made Products

Environment and Safety



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