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In order to guarantee high quality and first class products Coba Peat maintains a very strict control on the production procedure in its factories. Coba Peat invests time and labor in the production procedure to insure that the factories keep up with Coba Peat's high standards.

Coco Peat Product Portfolio

product Mulch Block
Coba Peat & Mulch Block is concentrated premium grade coir mulch containing Nitrophoska slow release fertilizer...more

product Potting Mix
Save water, Suitable for all outdoor and indoor Hydroponic applications, Easy to re-wet,
Less risk of harmful bacteria and fungi than other potting mixes, 100% natural, environmentally safe..more

productGrow Bags
Natures grow bags and slabs provide more efficient and productive hygiene environment for
all hydroponic growers. Growing media,Potting media in nurseries,Easier to breakup,
Labor and time saving..more

product Coco Peat Bales
This is the most common form of block that is very popular. It is hard compressed so that you can load a maximum weight on a container...more

product Coco Peat Briquettes
Coba Peat Briquettes are highly compressed and therefore subject to considerable expansion in water..more

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